Generation for "localhost" fails

I try to start a new application for a local database (PostgreSQL or mySQL) but I do not further than this:

Localhost is correct, in that I do not have a cloud/… hosted database, nor yet a localhost-based one, as I want to generate it. It would contain confidential information, hence will stay on-premise. How do I get further to generate the application?

Hi Theo,

You cannot connect to a local database from the cloud instance of fastCode Application Generator. If you want to connect to your local database, you need to download fastCode and install it on your local machine using Docker.

To understand how you can download fastCode, please look at the red arrow in the attached image. Once you download the ZIP file and unzip it, please follow the instructions in the unzipped folder.

Note that you need to have docker installed on your machine for the localhost version of fastCode to work.


Indeed, via local docker… That’s my point: the cloud form you present… does not work. So what’s the use of the form… if it (currently) only works for the demo application (timesheet)?
I deem it even not needed to connect to a local database, given the wizard (based on your time sheet demo application) allows to created tables? Code generation to create a database must not try to connect to the … database to be created. Did I miss something?