Version specs of Application Generator (and Generated application)?

We could not find what are the tested, supported and/or known (production) run-times? Beyond some generic “specs” like “Windows 10” or “Linux” (no build information), we could not find specs.

The only specs seem to be:

Is it possible to have pages similar to this one for databases & data types? Supported Databases & Data Types but with more specifics than “astCode only supports PostgreSQL and MySQL”. Or extend a page like Non Development Environment Considerations ?

Background: we basically are standardised on Windows server 2016 and 2019 (with development and automated testing on these server versions and Windows 8.1) and JAVA 11. Other versions of Windows are not supported, albeit possible that “it runs ok” (but we do not track it). For JAVA, it has to be a single version (no alternatives beyond the Oracle ones).

Version specs on components will prevent troublesome or unsure… trials to see if things are working for a certain (unspecified) version of some component of the Application Generator tool.
Extension: what are tested/supported/… Generated Application specs (e.g. what JAVA code is generated, etc).

Update from incidental email:
We haven’t tested it on pre-windows 10 OS. If you are asking about running the fastCode application generator on pre-windows 10, I am not sure it’s possible because you would need Docker to be installed.
However, if you are asking about a fastCode generated application, it’s possible to run this application without Docker (it’s a normal Angular/Spring Boot project) and you may be able to run it if you are able to install all the required dependencies (java, maven, Node, Angular etc.).